Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Start Your Holiday Joy!

I can't believe it's all ready mid November! Time is flying by faster than I can believe.
We finished Football season without Jacob sustaining any injuries, we celebrated his 15th birthday, the yard is finally cleaned up, they leaves are all blown, and now it's just 1 week until Thanksgiving!

Just in time for the holiday hustle and bustle, the weather has turned cold and windy.
I have a very good friend that is director of the KY. weather spotters, and he is warning of a major snowfall in the area with bitter cold temps by the 21st. ! Should get interesting, especially because we don't usually get snow until late January.

Chuck and I have started CHRISTmas shopping in earnest! Most of our "bigger" gifts are bought, and I'm biting at the bit to get the tree up! That's usually saved for the day after Thanksgiving in our house.

A friend sent me this video to get me jump started this year.....Oh how I would have loved to have been present when this went on! I'm having a hard time embedding the video, so you can check it out here!

Happy Fall Y'all!