Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pray for my family!

My brother, Mike, went to his home in Glory at 3:58 this morning.

PLEASE remember my family in prayer!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amazing Group!

I was reading Alicia's blog yesterday (I'm soooo behind) and she told the story of "Spirit Jumping". I was curious....I had to check it out!
Am I glad I did!

Go here and read the story of Spirit Jumping!
Then join !!
This is something any of us can do. It takes virtually no effort on our parts at all, and is the neatest program to support cancer victims.

Basically you are emailed the name of a patient/survivor in need of a "Spirit Jump" aka a little happy...a card, candy etc. Anything to lift their spirits ! What a simple yet AWESOME idea!

Having a brother with late stage kidney cancer, I know how difficult it is to left his spirit at times. I wrote about it on his carepage, and got over 1000 messages of hope and prayer for him!
He could not believe that total strangers cared enough to send him a note and to pray for him!

Check out the Spirit Jumpers!
We all know someone that either has, had, or has a loved one with this awful disease!

Do something it forward!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Short Update

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, but things are sooooo out of control here right now!
Thanks for all of the posts, thoughts, and prayers. Please know that I do feel and appreciate them.

Mike is still with us! Days are becoming more and more difficult,but we are counting every day as a blessing.
He is having different issues every day. All are tumor related, and nothing much more can be done. Hospice is AWESOME!! They are taking such good care of him, and for the most part, keeping him pain free.

On a HAPPY note....he got an email from his daughter! Thank God! It was definately a "God Thing" because until now she wanted no contact with any of us. The email was a "One time letter" but none the less, a letter!
He was soooooo happy!

Since my last post, we have also had BJ, Catherine and Lyric move back home with us. BJ has been off work since Thanksgiving, and the auto industry isn't looking too promising! Chuck also is an auto worker and laid we've become the Waltons! I LOVE having them here, but after being alone with Chuck for the past 5 years, we need to adjust! It's really different having a full house again!

My house is turned completely upside down. It's driving me nutz since I hate clutter! What can you do when you combine 2 total households into 1? You count your blessings that you have a happy healthy family!
The clutter will clear and the kids will eventually find a place of their own. For now, I'm thankful that we are able to help them out and that my daughter in love and I are friends!

Please continue to pray for us, and I'll update just as soon as I can breath!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Urgent Prayer Needed!

I have taken the weekend off of work to spend every minute possible with Mike.
He is growing weaker and weaker every day.
We had a meeting with his Hospice team this week, and then yesterday we had to call them in on an emergency visit. He was having some breathing problems, as well as major nausea. His nurse gave him a dose of Compazine for the nausea, and he had a bad reaction to the drug! He turned beet red from head to toe and was burning up.They gave him an extra dose of Morphine as well as something else, and he did alot better after just a few minutes.
His nurses told us that his lungs were full of tumor, and now they are filling with fluid. They told us not to be surprised if he didn't make it through the weekend!Chuck and I took a few minutes to go to C.R. tonight and explain the situation to everyone there. We left church and went back to Patti's house. He was sitting up watching a show about blue whales! Gosh, he never ceases to amaze me!
We keep saying that we don't see all of the changes that Hospice does. They explained it as raising your own baby. You never see the gradual changes, but people that see you occasionally sure do! When they point out the changes to us...then we see them.
Michael is in what Hospice calls "end of life" stage. He is rapidly declining, and his tumors are growing like wildfire! His nurse told me that in all of the years she's been with Hospice, she has never seen a patient with as many tumors(or as big)as Mike has that is still cognisant.We aren't sure what is holding him here, but I DO know that God is not through with him yet!Our whole family is at the point that we pray only for comfort for him. It seems wrong, but I actually pray that God takes him home before it gets any worse! I hope that doesn't sound ugly, but I can't stand to see him this way!
Please continue to lift Mike and our family in prayer!
We are broken!!

I can't dance anymore,