Friday, February 19, 2010

New Year....New Stuff...Changes

I can not believe how long it has been since I've posted here! I check everyone's blog daily, but just have not taken the time to do a post of my own! So many things happening, so many changes....

I think I've entered a new phase of my life. I'm just trying to sort it all out, and trust God for direction. It's not bad....just definitely a "different" phase.

To begin with, on New Year's Eve, I was at work (as usual) preparing end of the month reports, balancing the store, etc. At 4:30 ( 30 minutes before closing time) my boss walked in and told me that as of 5:00 I no longer had a job! WHAT???? I was not being fired, but permanently laid off. With the weak economy and all, the store was not doing stellar. I knew that.....but seriously???? 30 minutes to prepare ??? OMG !!!
He told me they were NOT closing the store, but rather that the family was going to run it. They couldn't afford the overhead. (they have since opened an additional store here in the town I live in. I was NOT asked to be a part of that store!
I have worked since I was 16 years old. NEVER drawn unemployment for one day, let alone been fired or laid off! I didn't know how to act!
He stayed there with me, helped me pack my stuff up, and walked me out to my car. A new year was starting in 7 hours, and I had no job! I had no time to say good bye to my staff....I'd been blindsided!
More about that later. Much more!

I came home and told Chuck what had happened, and he was HAPPY!!
I couldn't believe it!
He said he wanted me to just take a break and chill for a while. I was glad he took it so well, but still, I didn't know how I felt! I was lost.....
It's funny how we allow our jobs to define us.

So, I'm at home and LOVING it!
For a while anyway. It took some getting used to, but I LOVE being home when Chuck gets here. I LOVE cooking supper for him every night, and Saturdays??? WOOT WOOT !!
I feel so normal!! We actually go out and I see people I know on the weekends!

I've been spending my days fixing things up around the house. I've been painting, cleaning, I even learned how to hang a new storm door! Spring cleaning has nothing on this girl!
We've had record snow this winter, and I haven't even worried about getting out and about. I'm nesting! LOL

We still have not heard from our son. **sigh**
The last time there was any communication was when they let Lyric come for a while during the holidays.
They do not answer phone calls, texts, or anything. They don't even respond to calls from Kristy anymore.
They are all still fine. We do get regular updates from Catherine's brother. They have a stack of mail here, as well as a few packages. They know they're here. They just choose not to deal with any of it. Please continue to pray for this situation! We miss them so much that it hurts! However, I've come to the conclusion that they are "big people" and have to learn to deal with they're problems in a way that works for them. I KNOW God has this....I gave it to him. Now I just have to "Be still and know".

Chuck and I have also left the "Celebrate Recovery" program at our church! That was major!!
I love that program, and truly believe in it! However, there were some major problems within the ministry staff itself, and several of the directors left our church. They then decided to move the program with them.
I believe that decision was ok, but when some of the staff decided to change things within the program, and not follow the direction that Rick Warren originally developed.....well, it was time for us to back out.
Chuck and I were encouraged by some of the staff to move our church membership to coincide with "the new" CR. We did not feel the calling to do that. A few days later, I was told that I was no longer needed in the program~ I've never heard of a "ministry" that did not need a volunteer! Especially since we had been faithful to the program for 4 years!
Chuck submitted his letter or resignation a few days later. He had not told me in advance that he was doing that. I got the letter with everyone else. He said he could not/would not continue in a ministry that I was "dismissed" from.
Sooooo....we're waiting....We believe that God has a new plan for us. This is a new season in our lives, and we're trusting Him to direct it!



Oh Jacki I am so glad to hear from you again. I have thought about you daily. I am sorry/glad about the job. I did not work for a while and actually loved it. Sometimes now I get so overwhelmed with busyness that I miss it. You will have to share some of the recipes you are using with us. My prayers are with you and yours. Have a good weekend.

Mc Allen said...

wow jackie, sounds like God has alot instore for you and he dsnt want you guys distracted! I actually love times like these where there are difinitive "no's" from God because then I dont have to wonder if somthing was His will and if Im making the wrong decision! You better hang on sister~ somthings about to change!! EXCITIN! xxoo LA

Patrice said...

I have been reading and catching up on your blog! Wow, lots of changes!! Very small world...each Monday morning we pray for Lane Ann and her family in staff meeting. Our pastor is good friends with them.