Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

We had a super Mothers Day yesterday!
I think I got 100 text messages starting at 6:00 yesterday morning!

Thanks to everyone that called , texted, or stopped by for a visit.

Chuck and I kept Lyric this weekend. We haven't had much free time lately, so this was a real blessing! Her new word of the day was "Perfect" ! lol

Everything was just perfect to her!

Kristy an Phillip came by and brought me the most awesome jewelry box. ( I actually did not have one)

It says says "Love" on the top of it, and you can put photos inside the letters! NICE!!

Then Chuck and Lyric took me shopping for these:

Yellow Knock "Out Roses! I heart them!

I love to plant my yard in the spring, and am really working on putting in more shrubs and roses as background plants. I figure it will pay off more in the long run. Knock
Out Roses are the greatest thing I've ever seen! Disease resistant and self cleaning! Plus they don't get the blackspot that is so common in the humidity here! So now the front of my house is graced with 5 new rose bushes!

I loved them so much that I bought some for my sister, Patti, and took them over to her.

While we were out, Kristy called me and said her BF Mindy (my "other" daughter) was having a cookout/birthday party for her 4 year old daughter Zoe. She asked if we wanted to come by for some BBQ. Well.....since BJ and Catherine were here, and we were planting the above awesome roses....I passed, but thanked Mindy any way.

About 30 minutes later, Kristy and Jacob pulled into the drive with a huge honkin' plate of what is quite possibly the best BBQ I have ever eaten!

There was chicken, ribs, porkchops, all kinds of sides, and the absolute best guacamole I have ever eaten in my life! Mindy had sent me a Mothers Day plate to go! She said I shouldn't have to cook on Mothers Day!

Thanks Mindy and Tony! You made me a very happy (and very full) mother!

(I NEED that recipe for the guacamole)

Mindy sent me a few pics of the party....thought I'd share!

Kristy the party girl!

My grandson, Jacob, in full party gear:
Zoe, the birthday girl:

Party Gear baby style!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!


Wanda said...

Your g/daughter Lyric is perfect just like her new word...and the Knockout roses are perfect but our deer think so too...they nibble on them sometimes...Smile and take care!

Daria said...

What great pictures ... everyone looks so happy!

The roses are gorgeous.

Yaya said...

Happy (late) Mother's Day!