Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Do You Think?

This is my grandpuppy, Petey!

Petey LOVES Chuck!

My grandson Jacob LOVES Petey!

As you can see, Petey is a pitt bull. I know... I know.....
I had the same reservations when they got him as a pup. However, Petey has been raised to be a big baby. Sort of a lap dog, as you can see by the pictures!
Lyric runs and tumbles with him all the time. He's NEVER shown any signs of aggression, or tried to hurt anyone.....until last night!

My son in love, Phillip, is trying to sell a riding lawn mower. He has it in the front yard with a sign and phone number on it. Last night, Kristy and Jacob were home alone. Kristy was in the shower, and Jacob was in his bedroom. Their front door was open, but the storm door was latched. Jacob said he heard someone knock on the door, and Petey started barking, so he went out to see who was there.Gosh did he get a surprise! When he got in the living room, there was a man on the porch holding Petey by the harness and beating him in the head! Petey had bitten the man on his leg!

What we don't know is how the man got in, or how Petey got out!
Petey can not open the door, and the glass was not broken out.
None the less, Petey got the guy!
Jacob grabbed him and put him up right away.
All we can think is that maybe the man opened the storm door to holler in since he didn't see anyone in the living room. Stupid move, since there are "Beware Of Dog" signs all over the front of the house and the fence. There's really been no need for them up until now, but he's a pit....the kids weren't taking chances.

Kristy said the man dropped his pants right there in her yard, and showed her the bite. He was pretty bruised, but the bite had not broken the skin. He told her that the dog just bolted through the door after him. They offered to take the man to the hospital, but he refused them. He said he'd go by himself if he thought he needed to go.

So, you guessed it, the police came over to the house last night around 11:30!
The man went to the E.R. and they had to call the police since it was a pit bull.
The police wrote the kids a citation for harboring a "vicious animal" and for not keeping him contained! How much more contained can a dog be than in your house??
Anyway, they have to go to court on the 27th because of this!
We have NO IDEA what the guy was even doing there. He's not talking about tht!
Was he looking at the lawnmower, or trying to break into a house that looked empty? None the less....the man was on their property.... and Petey was in the house! Nothing matters to the police except the fact that Petey is a pitt bull and he bit someone!
The way I see it....Petey was just doing his job!
He could have done major damage to the man if he had wanted to!
He did bite him, but only bruised him!
We all know what Pitt Bulls are capable of.

Anyway, after 10 years with no incidences at all, the state is requiring Kristy and Phillip to have Petey put to sleep before their court date, and to pay all of the medical bills this man incurs. How fair is that?? Just wanted your thoughts on the matter.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh my goodness that is SO sad :(. Poor Petey! That's not fair! The man was on private property! If Petey was in the middle of the street or something then I would agree with the courts. Kameron is TERRIFIED of dogs and has been tortured by our neighbor's dog for years (literally) but they let him run loose. I feel so bad for Petey and especially the kids :(. SO not fair!!!!

Wanda said...

That does seem harsh under the it because the dog bit someone or is it because the dog is a pitt bull that bit someone?...My oldest grandson has one named Grace...a very quiet gentle dog.

R Max said...

That is ridiculous! Tell them to go to court and let them know the guy walked into their house to rob it then ran out AFTER the dog attacked. He is just trying to take advantage of the situation.

Yaya said...

Oh that is just annoying and heartbreaking at the same time. I hope it all works out for them. :(