Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amazing Group!

I was reading Alicia's blog yesterday (I'm soooo behind) and she told the story of "Spirit Jumping". I was curious....I had to check it out!
Am I glad I did!

Go here and read the story of Spirit Jumping!
Then join !!
This is something any of us can do. It takes virtually no effort on our parts at all, and is the neatest program to support cancer victims.

Basically you are emailed the name of a patient/survivor in need of a "Spirit Jump" aka a little happy...a card, candy etc. Anything to lift their spirits ! What a simple yet AWESOME idea!

Having a brother with late stage kidney cancer, I know how difficult it is to left his spirit at times. I wrote about it on his carepage, and got over 1000 messages of hope and prayer for him!
He could not believe that total strangers cared enough to send him a note and to pray for him!

Check out the Spirit Jumpers!
We all know someone that either has, had, or has a loved one with this awful disease!

Do something awesome...pay it forward!


Yaya said...

Hey Jacki, I haven't made it to your blog in a bit have I? I know it sounds weird but I've been thinking about you a bunch and hoping you and your family are well.

Wanda said...

I will check it out Jackie...take care!

Sara Williams said...

I have been spirit jumping for a few months and its great to give something back.

I decided that I didn't want to be "jumped" myself because I have had such amazing support from friends, customers, family and its kept me going, I wanted to do something for others while being in my present helpless state


I joined them and also posted today on my blog about this site. I referred back to you and to the spirit jump organization. I am praying for you my friend. God bless you and your family.