Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jacob's 1st Football Game!

We've reached a milestone in our family!
My grandson Jacob made the football team this year!

Normally, this wouldn't be such a big thing to us. He's always been a boys boy...but his heart has alway been in BMX and skateboarding. Kristy and Phillip recently made a move to a new town. Jacob was scared! He's 13, and the new kid in town. New friends,and a new school.... UGH.
He had all of the normal jitters any 13 year old boy would have. Will the girls like me? Am I wearing the right clothes?? Am I smart enough?? Will the girls like me??
What if I don't make new friends?? Will the girls like me?
His first day of school, he was sitting in the lunch room and noticed a teacher staring at him. (for a long time)
Jacob asked if he was in trouble, and the teacher said he would be if he didn't try out for the football team! A bit scary since most of his time has been spent on wheels of some sort, and not on his feet! He'd never played football!
But he went to tryouts, and kept going to practice.
The boy is GOOD! The coach says a natural!
Imagine his surprise when he not only made the cut....but he made the "A" team!
Our boy is a starter!

The team had their first game on Saturday night. So the proud Mama and Daddy, along with the VERY excited Nana and PawPaw made the journey to the game.

I took my camera to the game (like I do for all firsts),and Jacob was none too thrilled!

We grow 'em big in KY! This is Jacob with his very proud Mom! He's 13....she's....oh get it..she's the mama. (say thank you Kristy)

Then there was the proud can see by his t-shirt that he has high hopes for the boy!

We found our seats and the game began!

We got to see him make some nice blocks !!
He actually played 2 positions in the game. Defensive End and Offensive Tackle. We're not sure where he will land permanently yet, but after only 1 week of practice, we were really proud of him!
His team won the game 12-6!!
Woot Woot! Go Rebels!!

You can tell, he was a bit proud of himself too!
It's hard (but very exciting) to watch them grow up!
He was glad that I brought my camera after all, and oh....the girls love him!


Wanda said...

Boy, he is older than your header suggests.
I know how proud you are of him and I get those same looks from a couple of my grandsons when the camera is pointed at them...I love the last photo...I'm sure he does too!

Jacki said...

You're right Wanda....the pictures really do need to be updated!

christy rose said...

Of course the girls love him. He's a doll! How fun to see your grandson excel and enjoy it! You are definitely one proud grandma huh?


What a handsome guy....of course the girls will love him...always. I can see you are definitely proud of this football playing natural.