Thursday, October 8, 2009


I stumbled on this web site while blog hoping earlier today.
Some of the stories here made me laugh out loud, but a lot of them made me sick!

I think this started out as a fun outlet for overwhelmed moms to just "vent" and realize that there is no such thing as a perfect mother. However, the more recent posts are unbelievable!
These women should NEVER have been given the privilege of being a mother.
I can't believe they find this stuff to be amusing......let alone post about it!
Here are just a few of the posts I've read.....
I've never been one that like displays of affection, especially hugs. My 8 year old loves to hug, sometimes when I shew him away when he asks for what I feel are excessive hugs.
-Anonymous 6/22/2009

Here's been my daughter's diet for today:
Breakfast--junior sundae and corndog from Sonic
Lunch--Cheetos and Diet Coke
Dinner--neopolitan ice cream
Who am I, Britney Spears?
-Anonymous 6/4/2009

I had my daughter when I was 17 yrs old, honestly I wanted to have abortion or put her up for adoption. But my mother kept telling me about these women who had abortion.."she went into depression" "she got mentally ill" etc. She also said if I gave my daughter up for adoption, she would take her and raise her. I felt like I had no choice but to have her. So now my daughter is 4 years old, and I'm still angry at myself for the choice I made. I feel like I don't have a life anymore, I work but all the money goes to feeding, clothing, daycare, toys, etc. for her! I can't get child support for the father just because he doesn't work!!! He's 22 years old and still lives with his mother who pays his bills!!
I love my daughter but sometimes "this" is too much..
I'm a bad mother... : (
-Anonymous 5/25/2009

I and my late husband (my kids stepfather) allowed my eldest to smoke pot and drink at 14.....and I have the nerve to bad mouth their father.
Anonymous -- 8/11/2008

But then there are these:
When my daughter was about 1 or so, I was changing her diaper. It was a Sunday. I swear she had a worm. I pulled one out of her bottom when I was wiping her. It was like 4 inches long. I called the doctor. We all got wormed. Her doctor wanted to see her on Monday and bring the worm with us. I walked in, (my MIL had already taken her and I met them from work)they both started laughing at me...My MIL had forgotten to tell me that they ate chinese and Mandy LOVES SPROUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a bean sprout!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....We all got wormed...for nothing.
Anonymous -- 7/17/2008

As my daughter got older, I kept telling my hubby to "watch what you say" around her and he keeps telling me she doesn't pay attention. As all Mom's know (guess not Dads tho) kids will repeat anything and mostly at the worst time. My hubby is not the most kind driver, so if someone is in front of him, not moving to his fast pace, he usually yells at them "Come on ya friggin bone head MOVE" (thank goodness he has made his language more PG rated)
So one day as I am sitting at a stop light behind another car with all the windows down in the car and my 3 yo in the backseat, the light turns green and the car in front doesn't move as soon as the light turns green. So in a loud voice I hear from the back seat "Come on ya friggin bonehead MOVE"
Gotta love what Dads teach their kids!
Anonymous -- 5/23/2008

Keep in mind this event happened on a day that this particular 15 year old boy was acting like a 15 year old boy. ATTITUDE, Hormone-filled, awkward hairs popping out of his chin Ball of Yuckyness.
15 year old son says to mom.....
"Mom, why did you even have me? I didn't ASK to be born you know!"
The very wise and very beautiful mother quickly responds...
"Well... I didn't know it was going to be YOU!"
Not nice, and yes, I , oops I mean she would have chosen him.... I, er I mean she would have just chosen him without the attitude!
(don't worry.... he burst into laughter and had to admit that his mother is indeed the Queen of Smart-as-a-whip, lightening-fast, comebacks to snotty questions.)
I, darn it.. I mean SHE wins! -- Dana in Texas

Am I being picky or what??? What do you think of a web page like this???


Bridget said...

Wow! What a disappointment to hear moms say things like that!

Lea White said...

I don't like ppl saying stuff like that. It is most certainly not a website I will be visiting.

Diana said...

That breaks my heart for sure!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I think it's sad I mean we have those moments well not exactly moments like that but moments that you think you may pull all your hair out but it what makes us grow and be better.

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The first ones were sad....the one about the friggin bonehead and the worm were so funny I cried. Thanks for sharing the good ones after the bad. I teach high school....I can tell you some parenting stories that are so sad.