Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm truly amazed !! We went to bed on Monday with a storm warning. Major Ice Storm headed our way! We've had so many watches and warnings like this, that we really didn't pay much attention to it. Tuesday morning we woke up to this!

We were housebound for 2 days. No power, no heat, no internet!!!! We gathered up our children and grandchildren...made sure the rest of our family was safe, and for a while wished that we were Amish! lol It has been tough to say the least. Kristy had trees and power lines down all over their house and yard. They STILL have no power.

Yesterday, it was safe enough for me to venture out to work. I work in a small community about 25 miles from my house. I couldn't believe what I saw on the trip there. This is what I saw after just 10 minutes on the road!

I couldn't believe my eyes! So much damage and destruction just 10 miles to our west. The further I drove, the worse it got! Luckily, my store suffered no major damage. We had a few roof leaks, and alot of branches to clean up, but that's it.

When we opened the doors, the people started flocking in. Not to buy furniture, but because we have a Radio Shack satelite store in our building. I could not believe the stories being told by some of these people! Some had driven up to 100 miles to buy batteries, generators, and gasoline. There is no power north of us, and the destruction is so bad that they are being told it could be up to a month before it can be restored.
I am so grateful to live and work in a community that still really cares about one another. Cadiz (where I work) is ofter refered to as "Mayberry". A handshake is still as good as a notorized signature there. People still say "please and thank you", and everyone knows everyone!
What I saw is a true testament to Southern Hospitality!
Travelers were welcomed with a warm cup of coffee, and listening ears. Compassion was shown to everyone! I saw hurting people yield their place in line to others with small children so they could quiet a crying baby. I saw an older gentleman hand off the last package of batteries to a mother with 2 babies that had no power in her house. One man with a chain saw cut up downed tree limbs and stacked them on Main Street for free fire wood to anyone who needed it. When a boil water advisory was issued, another man drove his truck 40 miles to haul water into town. He was giving it away to people 2 gallons at a time.

Then there is Mindy. She works with my daughter Kristy. Mindy had been listening to Kristy and I talk all day about the situation in Cadiz, as well as the fact that Kristy had no power or water in her house. She got busy, as she always does, and rounded up a kerosene heater for Kristy and Phillip. Then she called around and found out who actually had kerosene ! After I got home last night, Mindy called and asked if she could stop by my house for a bit. She showed up with cases of water for me to take back to Cadiz this morning! She said she didn't think it was much, but she knew my staff was in need of water, and should not have to spend their evenings looking for it! She heard that a local grocery store was giving it away to people in need, so she made a trip to help us out. All this, despite the fact that Mindy's husband is a local policeman, and she had his safety and her own family to worry about. She is truly a hero in my book! Thank you Mindy!
I feel that insted of just broadcasting all of the the bad that goes on in our society, the news media should focus on stories like these!

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Laura said...

WOW, those pictures are unbelievable. Hope all is getting back to normal!