Monday, January 19, 2009

An Introduction

New Year....New Me!
Wow, how do I start?
First off, I have to say a special thanks to my friends Renee and Rebecca!
I've followed Renee's blog for about a year and a half now. I LOVE the concept of blogging, and when she told me that I'd won her New Year, New You blog makeover (or in my case "creation") I thought now is the time for me to jump in here and try this on my own!

Rebecca emailed me, and with just a few questions, she created this awesome design for me!
I hope I can make them proud. So bear with me as I learn the art of blogging.

I hope to share with you my "Abundant Blessings" and the things that I'm passionate about.
God has blessed me and my family in so many ways, and with so many great people. Goodness knows I should never run out of things to talk about! lol
Those that know me, know that isn't a problem anyway.

There are many, many things I'll ramble about here. The things that fill me up, and break my church, my husband of 27 years, my work with the "Celebrate Recovery" program and especially my grandchildren!
You will come to know my brother Mike. He is a hero in my book! You see, Mike was separated from our family for 18 years (more about that in later posts). Two years ago this Feb. the Lord brought us back together. After only 11 months, we learned that Mike was in late stage 4 Kidney Can*er.
He was given a 6 week survival rate at diagnosis. Mike is a STRONG Christian man, and decided he was going to give that last 6 weeks totally to the Lord and his work.
Two years later, he's STILL working!

It is through that journey that I've met so many
Heroes! The caregivers, parents, and victims of this monster that is Cancer. To quote Renee....Cancer Sucks!

Please join me on this wonderful, whacky, sometimes heartbreaking journey that is my life! Help me Count My Abundant Blessings!

With that being said, this past weekend there was a Bluegrass Gospel Benefit held to support Mike. My second Mom (June) works with me, and sings in a Gospel group called
"The Ridge Runners". They hosted the benefit. Thanks guys for all of your love and support!
They preformed a song I had never heard, but touched me so deeply! It made me think of so many of the Carepage, Caringbridge, and Vandy folks I've come to love.
So Renee, Tricia, Angela, Kim and all of you other Heroes....this is for you !

Feeling So Blessed,


Stephanie said...

Hey Girlfriend, I absolutely love your site. You need more pictures though, the ones you have are wonderful! I love seeing the family!!!Abundantly am I! I am so thankful that the Lord put you into my life! You truly are a blessing to me. Oh, I took the left-over sandwiches from Sat. over to the Soup Kitchen this morning! They said their thanks to you! Love ya! Your sister-in-Christ!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited over your new blog!!! I'm sending my readers your way!!! :)

rebecca said...

Hello there.... just stopping by to show you some bloggy love!!! I'm so glad you love your new look. :)

Lea White said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I love the new look. I wish I was able to make our blog look this good, but I'll just stick with the boring old blogspot designs. Congrats on winning such a cool prize by the way. This is so cool.

I'll be sure to come and catch up on your updates!!!

Lea White

Ann said...

Welcome to blogging. Came over from Renee and I am looking forward to reading what you have to say.