Monday, March 1, 2010

What's a Sabbatical?

A few years ago, in reviewing the by-laws of our church,we realized that scripture teaches the principals of a sabbatical.
What an awesome teaching! EVERYONE needs a break from time to time....just to relax, rethink and re-evaluate.

Today, we sent our pastor on a one month sabbatical!
Brother Kevin, in his sermon yesterday, gave us a family talk!
He said when ever his dad would travel on business, he would call a family meeting to instruct the boys how to act while he was away....and to warn them "don't make your Mom cry" lol

The associate pastor Cory (whom Kevin kindly referred to as "Mom") will assume the business of the church, while Brother Kevin takes a much deserved "working" break. He will be in Florida visiting and learning from the church we "snitched" our "Out Of The Box" program from.

I love New Work Fellowship!!! There is so much going on within our church, and so many good things happening! It sometimes feels as if the building is actually trembling (in a great way) and the Holy Spirit is going to blow the lid right off of us! What an awesome feeling! We are so excited to give Brother Kevin this rest, and excited to see what the Lord is going to teach him!

He has decided to blog his sabbatical! How cool! My pastor blogs! lol
You can follow his trip here. Please join me in praying for a safe trip, much needed rest, and a spirit filled journey back to us! We Love You Kev !!!

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