Monday, March 29, 2010


Have you ever been in the middle of a situation and could see God shining all over it?
That happened to me over the past 2 weeks. I just had to share!

Rewind to my posts a few weeks ago. There has been major problems with my son and daughter in law for a while now. Actually, we haven't seen our daughter in law since August. You can read my rant here.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and bear with me....this gets really really weird!
Chuck and I received a letter from some friends, Heath and Paige Wilson, who are adopting a child from Ethiopia. They are doing a fund raiser with a ministry called Both Hands. I had never heard of this organization, so I did a bit of research. What an awesome idea!

They had chosen a local "widow" to do a project for, and we're asking for our support.
As I read the letter, I was shocked! The widow they were helping was Catherine's mother!
She is not a widow, but is disabled and really needed the help.

I didn't know what to say! There were a few concerns with this situation that may have caused Paige and Heath to loose their funding for the adoption. There were things they did not know about and I wasn't sure how to approach the situation. I did not want them to miss out on the adoption, but I also did not want to get involved because of the situation with my kids. I spoke with a mutual friend of ours, and we all decided to pray and pray about it and let God do what was in his plan! He had put this whole situation into motion and HE was in control of it!

Paige and Heath contacted Both Hands and asked for guidance. The answer came back to all of us....Go ahead with the project because Brenda (Catherine's mother) needed the help. God also opened the door for the team to witness to my children. HE knew what he was doing!
Saturday, the work began. Chuck and I decided not to work at the house because of the family dynamics. We did support them financially, however. We went on about our day as usual (grocery shopping, etc)

When we pulled up at Walmart, the first thing we saw was our kid's truck parked right in front.
Since we had not laid eyes on them (or our granddaughter) in months, I all but jumped out of the truck! I was a mom on a mission! I wanted to see my children, even if they would not speak to me. I just had to "see" them.
I went on the hunt for them, and there they were....all 3 of them, right in the front of the store! Praise be!!

I sheepishly approached them and just had to get a kiss from Lyric! They were all smiles, and spoke to me as if nothing had ever been wrong at all! They told me they were staying away from the house during all of the construction and didn't know what to do with themselves for the day. Then it happened.....they asked if they could come to our house for the day! I all most passed out!
I told them they were welcome any time they wanted to be there. AND THEY CAME!!! ALL 3 OF THEM!! They stayed all afternoon.
Not only that, but we are all spending Easter together!

Soooooo....Paige and Heath received their funding, Brenda got many, many needed repairs to help her out, and we got our family back! GOD IS GOOD!


Jules said...

God IS good. Bless your family.

Bridget said...

What a wonderful story!!! I am so happy for all of you!


Wow What a story! I am so glad you shared it for us. God bless you my friend...and your family!

Jill said...

Oh, Jacki!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! Stopped in to see what you were up to and read this. Big smiles! :)