Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm sad... mad....and all mixed up!

These are 3 of the most important men in my life right now!
They are (from Left to Right) My most awesome husband, Chuck, my brother Mike, and the greatest grandson ever, Jacob.

I love them with every ounce of my being. The first, and last don't cause me much problem and make me laugh beyond belief. The middle guy.....well he's another story!

My brother has kidney cancer. Stage 4...Not good! There isn't much research in this field right now, and treatment options are pretty much limited.This picture was taken last summer during a benefit motorcycle run for Mike.

Mike was diagnosed 1 year ago, and was given a life expectancy of 6-8 weeks at the time.Boy did he prove the doctors wrong! We were told that he was not a candidate for surgery at the time, and that he had multiple metastasises (79 tumors) in his bones.The doctors were going to try everything they knew to do, but advised Mike to get his affairs in order. He refused!

We visited numerous doctors, and discussed many, many treatment options. It all came down to they just didn't know! So last April, Mike started the newest chemotherapy for this type of cancer. He responded well to the treatment, and even had his diseased kidney removed in September. PRAISE GOD!

Now we were really in uncharted territory! After surgery, he became allergic to the chemo drug (Torisel) they had him on. The doctors decided to try him on another drug. He would take this one at home (in pill form) every day.Mike was still fighting!
We are now 3 cycles into this drug, and we found out yesterday that it is not working! Mike has developed many new tumors that are growing rapidly!
He can not be radiated in the area of tumor growth because he has all ready had the max amount of radiation they can give him in that area of his body.
The doctors told him yesterday that they want to scan him again on Wed. and we'll go from there.

Mike called me yesterday and said he just doesn't think he's going to fight this monster anymore!
He's tired !
I understand that.
I can't imagine how he feels, emotionally or physically.
His change of heart started last week. I wrote in an earlier post about him being served court papers from his daughter. He lost the case! What makes me so angry is that the judge signed the DVO only because Mike didn't show up in court!
Can we say DUH???
His doctors and his radiologist both sent letters to the court, and the judge didn't even look at them! No Show??? ok, papers signed.
Now Mike has been ordered (as have we) to cease any contact with Hillary at all.

His Bucket List consisted of only 1 see or at least talk to his daughter.
I'm so sad! I can't help him with this one. I really did do my best to reunite them. I can't make her want to see him. Obviously she doesn't want to. But he's giving up!!!


Anonymous said...

This is so so sad. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Praying for him, Jacki, and peace for you. I'm sorry that the door to a relationship with his daughter has been shut for him.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh gosh Jacki, how heartbreaking :(. We will be praying for this situation.

Robyn said...

This is so sad, my heart and prayers go out to your family.
I know my Mom has been doing a battle with cancer also, and they have her on a pill called Gleevic. It has been helping her. Maybe this might work for your Mike.
Just know You all are in my prayers.

Melissa said...

Jacki, I am so sorry to hear this. Just wanted to say I am praying for your brother, healing and endurance, and for his daughter, that her heart would be softened.