Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend dilemma with Lyric went much better than I had expected!
By the time I finished my post, she was sound asleep! Woot Woot!
I followed Renee's advice and put a baby gate up in her bedroom door just in case she decided to take a midnight stroll! She didn't.
She actually slept until 7:30 yesterday morning, and got up sooooo proud of herself.

We drove to the new house after lunch and she couldn't wait to tell Mommy that she slept in a big girl bed. Sooo cute.

That being said, I think I got totally Noggined (is that a word) out.
Basically, I think Noggin is awesome! I wish it had been aroud when my kids were little. We just had Sesame Street. But come on!

What's with Max and Ruby? Could they have not thought of a better theme song? And just where are their parents anyway? Grandma is down the street, but there is never any mention of a Mom or Dad! And just who taught Ruby to be so bossy anyway?
I think she needs her Bunny Scout butt smacked! lol

Then there is Oobie. Some guy was genius to flatten his hand, put some eyeballs on it, and make a fortune!
Lyric loves this stuff!

I have to admit....I heart Jack's Big Music Show!
I think we sang "Jennie Jenkins" 1000 times, and I never got tired of it.
There's just something about watching a 3 year old dancing around and singing every single word to a song! I think her parents gave her the right name!
I LOVE being a Nana!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Wooohoooo glad she slept in her bed! I agree about Max & Ruby. I can't stand that show! Oobi either! YUCK! Oswald is on my non-like list too. I love Jack's Big Music Show!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I used to not like Max and Ruby. Until I realized that its gentle words and slow nature has an unbelievable calming effect on my girls! :)