Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hi All,
Just a quick update to let everyone know where we stand with my brother,
He is not doing well..
I posted the other day that we had called Hospice in. Alot has happened since my last post! But then again, there is no normal around here any more.

We called our oldest sister, Debbie, and let her know of the latest scans and about Hospice. She immediately made plans to come home from Kansas City and spend the weekend with Mike.She left early Thursday morning and got in about supper time. We all went out for a yummy meal at a Mexican restaurant Mike loves. I kind of noticed that Deb wasn't so chipper. I just chalked it up to the long drive and the news. Later that night she got SICK!! I mean really sick!
I called my doctor Friday morning (when I was at work)so we could get her looked at. They told us to get her there ASAP and he would see her. Thanks Dr. Brazil!!

While I was on the phone with my doctor, the other phone rang. It was Mike and he was SCREAMING! He had fallen in his apartment and could not move! Luckily he had his cell phone in his pocket! My first instinct was to call 911....then I remembered that I was supposed to call Hospice first! Of course, I didn't have their phone number with me, so I had to find a phone book! I was crazy!!

We got Hospice on the way,I sent Deb on to the doctor, Kristy over to Mike's house, and I headed for town. Kristy called me and told me that the Hospice chaplain was there when she got there. They called 911.
Mike was paralyzed! He had dislocated his right shoulder, and broken the right arm all the way through.
They would meet me at the E.R.
***Special Note*** A GOD THING!
The chaplain was actually on Mike's street at the time. He was coming over to introduce himself to Mike when all of this happened. He knocked on the door not knowing Mike had fallen! Mike was able to holler out to him and tell him he needed help!

They got Mike to the hospital and started working on him.
They sent him to x-ray to make sure everything else was ok.
He had fallen flat on his back! That really scared us!
After about 30 minutes, Mike was able to move his toes....then his legs! He is NOT paralyzed! They said it was probably just the trauma from the fall. They reduced his shoulder and put his arm in a cast and a sling and let him go home! Amazing!
Deb came to the hospital to meet us. She told us that she had double pneumonia! The doctor had wanted to put her in the hospital right away. She promised him that she would stay in bed (she didn't) but she had not made that drive just to go into the hospital! So he gave her a "BIG HONKIN" shot (in her words) and a prescription!
We brought both of them home, and they slept the rest of the day away.

Later that evening,we all went to Celebrate Recovery. Another God thing because Friday was the 1 year anniversary of his diagnosis and he was determined to pick up his chip! GO MIKE!
We had special prayer for him at CR and the pastor anointed him with oil.
It was so precious!

Hospice called and said Mike had to be moved. He could no longer stay alone.So we spent the whole day Saturday moving him over to Patti's house. We agreed that he would be better there because I have a split level house, and we can't navigate his wheelchair through it.I also feel better that he's there because Patti is a nurse and knows how to care for him better than I ever could!
Hospice came right away and delivered him a hospital bed and a wheelchair ramp. We spent today at Patti's getting him everything arranged for him.
Things are finally settling down.
So that's our weekend in a nutshell. Deb left at 5:00 this morning to drive back to Missouri and we're all going to bed early!

Please keep us in your prayers. This fall caused Mike alot of pain, and now he's frustrated that he has lost his independence.
We'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you just can't catch a break. Thinking of you.

Robyn said...

My prayers continue to reach out to your family. I'm so glad Hospice is helping you so much. Those people can be a true blessing!
Praise God Mike was able to pick up is 1 year chip. I know that has to mean a lot to him.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Praying for you, Jacki. That's amazing that the chaplain was there to be with your brother before you could get there. :)


My Sweet Father in heaven,
Surround and comfort Mike...... Swirl about him in your ever growing mercy.... In you Kindom Love, Abba Father, visit him in his weakness.. Create in him a place of peace....
You are infinitely holy and your love endures forever... Thank you for for placing just the right people in just the right place... Heap blessing Lord, Blessing of healing upon Mikes body.... Take his health to wonderous places, Only in you Lord are we made whole and well..... Meet Mike in his struggle... Declare prosperity and health over him and his family! I shout for Joy Father for all the amazing things you have planned. I dance softly and peacefully in your presents celebrating your promises over Mike and his family!
My sweet Jesus, thank you.... I lift up your name.. Praise you for the future in Mikes life Amen and Amen...
Peace to you and your brother~

Wanda said...

Your family will be in my prayers.