Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trust Lessons Learned

We had what has to be one of the most stressful weekends I can remember in years!

Saturday, I was at work selling sofas and just doing my thing. The day was going well! The I got a phone call.....
Don't ya hate that?

My co-worker, June, came to me with the phone and a funny look on her face. I could hear someone screaming through the phone lines. UH OH....

I thought it was one of those irate customers we occasionally get (you know, the ones whose dogs ate their sofa cushions and they don't understand why that's not covered by warranty). If only it was that easy!

Very very long story short.....the caller was one of my sisters friends former classmates.
She was calling me to tell me to tell my sister to quit calling her and harassing her! What???
Call her yourself, I said.

Then she goes on and on about some money she is supposed to owe my sister but
You get the picture!!!! Breath Girl....Just Breath!

When she finally takes a breath, I kinda get the jest of the call. Patti was upset pissed because she found out that her friend former classmate had stolen some of my brothers medications from her house!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Who would steal meds from a cancer patient?

I tried to take a breath....found out I couldn't breath! Panic set in! Did Mike know this? Why had Patti not told anyone! Was Mike going without his meds? OMG!!

Sooooo....I left work to try to figure this one out! I was going to have to move Mike to keep him and his meds safe, not to mention away from people that would steal his medication!
I called a family meeting, Mike and Patti excluded, and we hashed out what to do and where we could put Mike. Would Hospice let us move him? Could he survive a move?? It's the weekend.....no time to ask questions, just do something! I could NOT believe that my sister would allow this to happen!

Around 4:00, Patti called me. My friend has gone crazy she says. I don't know what to do!
Then she admits to us that during the ice storm, while Mike was in the hospital, her friend stayed at her house for a few days because she had no power or water.
The doctors had just told us to remove all of Mikes old medications from his house because he was self medicating. They were giving him very controlled new meds. So Patti went over and had picked all of them up. She told us she had flushed them, as instructed, but she hadn't! While her friend was staying there, she had stolen them! Hundreds of dollars of them! Controlled narcotics! Now she was accusing Patti of selling them to her and Patti wanted the money!!!

Finally, I called Randy, our Celebrate Recovery director.
He came right over and sat with us until about 10:00.
We talked, cried and prayed ALOT. Did we tell Mike about this? Should we move him???

Have you ever had one of those "Wow" moments where things just make sense? You know, where you feel total peace after making a decision? I had one!
Randy said that it was Mike that had decided to move to Patti's house, knowing some of the friends that came by there. During the days he has been there, Mike has done a mighty work witnessing to those friends and their families. Randy said maybe this was Gods final work for my brother to do! WOW!
He (ever so kindly) reminded me that God knew everything going on, and God had my brother in his hands!
I just needed to pray and trust.GOD was in control of this situation, not Jacki!
I knew this was true, I was just to upset to think about it ! So we decided that we would leave it all alone for the night. We'd pray and listen....really listen to what God was saying.

Chuck and I got up Sunday and went to Patti's to "babysit" Mike for the day.
Patti went to work, and Mike began to talk! Patti had told him the whole story !!
He all ready knew! He had made the decision to stay there.
He feels that God put him there for a purpose, and he was going to be obedient!
He said that all of this had happened before he had moved in there. He was not happy that Patti had not disposed of his meds, but none had been missing during the time he had lived there. She was taking great care of him and he knew he wasn't in any danger. He asked us to trust him, and God. (there's that statement again).

So Mike is still at Patti's house, and happy to be there ! If any problems come up, we'll just pray and deal with them as they happen! And I have peace!

My brother is amazing!!!!!


Robyn said...

Oh my that is a very dangerous situation there!
Yes God is in control of that one!
God is good!

Sneaky Momma said...

What an interesting story, Jacki! I was totally thinking the same as you all the way through the story. I am so glad that the Celebrate Recovery person was able to shed a new light on it all. I think it is AMAZING that Mike chooses to do God's work in the final days of his life. What a guy!