Tuesday, September 1, 2009

19 ???? OMG!!

Have you seen this news today?

The Duggars are expecting baby #19!!
That's 19 !!
That poor woman!
Don't get me wrong....I think they are such a sweet family, and I love the fact that they are self-supporting (unlike the octo-mom)....but 19!

I love big families. There were 7 of us!
I've known several people that have large families through adoption, or other circumstances.
But 19 pregnancies ?????
That poor woman's uterus! It must be worn out by now.
I'm amazed that she's still healthy enough to bear children.

Her last baby is only 5 months old. When does her body ever get to recover?

What do you all think?


Just Breathe said...

I agree with you. I love children and I guess if they are happy it's their life to live but I think it's time for her to rest. (Close Shop)

Andora said...

I agree with you to..My mom and dad had 15 kids,and I thought that was a LOT,but to each his own..I guess some people can handle it and some can't,I for one can't...good luck to them...and they do take care of themselves...

Bridget said...

They seem really excited about it and I'm happy for them, but WOW, 19 kids!!!


I agree with you...come on....19? Are they after a world record?

Wanda said...

She will most likely even have several more!
How do you give enough one on one to that many children...even if they all do help with things...when they get older I believe the memories of their children will become a blur.

Erin said...

She says that as long as God continues to bless them with children she will continue to have them! Her 1st grandchild will be older that the 19th child!

Honey Mommy said...

Oh my!

I can't even imagine. I don't think there should be a limit on the number of kids you can have, but I don't know if I think that 19 kids can all have quality time with their parents!

Daria said...

All the power to her and her family ... they all seem to be well grounded ... not like some of the other reality shows we see.

christy rose said...

How old is she? I can not imagine getting to know each of their kids. I struggle making individual time with the 5 I have. Praying for them though.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I don't know... I really like their show and I would love to meet them someday. I definitely do A LOT of things differently than they do, but I see a family full of GOOD kids who love the Lord. They don't live off the system, they pay their taxes, and it appears she is healthy (of course we don't know everything), so I say more power to her! I couldn't do it! LOL