Friday, September 4, 2009

When I got to work this morning, I looked up and saw this the Bradford Pear Trees. Do you see it? ONE red leaf. That reminds me that fall is on the way. I love so many things about fall! It's just so refreshing after he heat and humidity of Kentucky summers.
This is a common sight (and smell) on my way to work in the fall. Kentucky tobacco barns.
There is nothing like them. It's very common to get tied up in a "traffic jam" of 10-15 tractors driving down the highway hauling tobacco leaves. They hang the leaves in a barn and smoke them. What a wonderful smell that gives off! I guess you have to live in the country to really appreciate it. It's a very unique smell, and the air is thick with it.

This is Main Street of the town I work in. I LOVE this place! It is very often compared to Mayberry. This is a small town, and everyone knows or is related to everyone here. Businesses are still closed on Sunday, and everyone has a church affiliation. There is actually a VERY heated vote going on in this county next month to end prohibition. it is actually dividing the people of Trigg County.

There is no Walmart here,and you are defined by who your mama and daddy are....and where you go to church!
Every October, this town hosts The Trigg County Ham Festival". It's a blast!

People come from all over the country for this event!

It's all things country!!

There's a carnival, all sorts of music (country, of course), hog calling, food and crafts vendors, and a Gaither type church service on Sundays.

The town gets all decked out with everything "HAM". LOL

There are contests with the best decorated yard and business. EVERY business has their own " mascot".......... Pigs of course!

I'm including pictures....see if you can tell what kind of business they belong to!

"Deputy Hogg"

He belongs to the sheriffs office!


He is in front of the local book store!!

"Sue E."She lives at a local restaurant

"Second Hand Rose"

Her home is an antique shop!


She lives at a florist!

You get the idea!

The kick off event to this weekend is this.....

There is actually a competition to get into the Guiness Book Of World Records for baking the worlds biggest ham and biscuit! We've made it several times! There was a special oven built to accommodate this bugger! It takes LOADS of people hours and hours of mixing, measuring and rolling to make this happen. After the official measurement is taken and submitted, it is cut up and pieces are sold to raise money for the festival!
I can't wait for the fall! I'll be one of these people visiting the vendors, and eating the goodies!

Ya'll come!!


Daria said...

Love the piggies ....

christy rose said...

I love fall too. The painted piggies are so cute!