Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Princess

This is my heart outside of my body!

I learned a whole new love when my children were born. One I thought the Lord could never top! Oh how very wrong I was. After everything involved in birthing and raising children of our own...Chuck and I breathed a sigh of relief when we became "empty nesters". We looked back and were proud, not only of what we had done...but of the people our children had grown to be.
God is good!

Then......we were blessed far beyond anything we could ever imagine. Grandchildren!

Everyone knows how we feel about Jacob, our first...the boy!

BJ and Catherine surprised her mom and I on Mothers Day 2005 when our gifts were presented to us.Brenda's was in a blue gift bag, and mine in pink.
Sweet gift wrapping, but we thought nothing strange about it.

When we opened our gifts, Brenda got a blue sleeper with a matching blanket.
Mine was an identical gift in pink. Again....we didn't get it!
Ahhhh...but Chuck did! He jumped up with a look on his face that I had only seen once before and then the light bulb came on! They were having a baby!

December 15th of that year, we were blessed with Miss Olivia Lyric!
We thought the name a bit "different" at first....but we loved it!

Little did we know how much that name would suit her. She brings a song to our heart, and just the sound of her name is music to our ears!

OK, most of the time!

Lyric is so sweet. However she's NOT a "girly girl". She sings, she dances, and she tells the corniest jokes I've ever heard from a 4 year old! She is a very opinionated child, and woe is the person that disagrees with her. Do I see a lawyer in her future?

Her Paw Paw is her best friend,they "get" each other and have the same sense of humor.

She loves to spend the weekends with us, and we take advantage of that every chance we get.

We go places, read stories, and discuss all things I Carly and Sponge Bob...but we will not talk about Justin Bieber.....he stinks!
She rewrites the ending of all of her favorite shows.

She will sit and watch a television show, and tell us how she thinks it should have ended. See....opinionated!
A few Sundays ago at church, we were talking to Erin, one of our youth directors (who is expecting a baby this fall). Lyric asked Erin what the baby's name was going to be. She told us she wasn't sure because they didn't know the baby's sex yet. She went on to tell Lyric the names they had chosen depending on the baby's sex. THEN.....she asked what Lyric thought of those names.
With the most straight face the child could muster she told Erin that the boy's name was "awesome"... but "that girl's name is crap" !
I thought I'd just crawl under a chair somewhere and die!
Erin has since found out she's having a baby boy.....whew!

Her newest passion is ballet and tap class. She loves dressing up (but only for dance) and making noise with her shoes. We have spent the last few weekends with her teaching Nana how to do ballet positions, or somersaults! Not a pretty sight at 53 years old, but she tells me I do awesome!
I love this stage of my life. I get to be young again through my grand kids, and maybe even master those dance moves I was afraid to try as a young girl.


Dale said...

such a sweet post


What a precious little girl, and what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing Lyric with us. I can see why she is your heart outside your body.

Robyn said...

Sweet, Sweet Post. Yes Grandkids are one reason to keep motivation in our lives.