Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some People!

In 2008, our community came together to build a park/playground for families to play, picnic, and basically have a great day in a safe place.
It really is a terrific place, and we take Lyric there to play a lot.
The whole park was built by volunteers with donations given by many local businesses.
This is just the entrance.

The park has castles, an old frontier town, tractors, a picnic shelter, a Frisbee golf course, bridges, and basically everything needed for a fun family day. It is used A LOT.

This afternoon, we went to the park to play and found this...

It seems that a group of "older kids" set fire to our playground yesterday morning.
I just don't get it!
One of our local firemen was there with his children this morning. He told us they found rags tied to sticks and soaked in gasoline at the fire.
I don't know why people have to be so cruel! This is a happy place!
Every child that came today was so upset. They were full of questions. We should not have to explain to 4 year olds (or anyone for that matter) why some people are so unkind!
What did it prosper those "Big Kids" ?
Despite the fire, a good part of the park was saved. The most damage was done to the city for 2-5 year olds.
You did NOT win...we WILL rebuild !
We played anyway!
Our children deserve better!

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Grrrr....that is so mean! I hate vandalism of any kind. We are in Knoxville for a few days and one the way up we passed a beatiful new park area....with graffitti written all over it. I hate it when people to that to something. I hope you will post pics of the park rebuilt!