Thursday, February 19, 2009


10 years! Has it really been that long?
Time Flies!

I know this relationship didn't start out the best way it could have. I'm glad things have changed, and you proved to me that "Mother doesn't ALWAYS know best".

The road has been long, and very hard at times. I just wanted you both to know how much I love you, and how proud I am of the people you have become.

You are such awesome parents to my most perfect grandson,and such a joy to be around.

In the past 10 years we've watched you grow into remarkable adults. I'm so proud of the caring and compassionate people you have become.Not just to others, but to each other as well.
When times were the toughest for still opened your hearts and home to friends and family that were just a little less fortunate then yourselves.

I've seen you laugh,cry,and grieve with others, and offer a shoulder to lean on ,or a hot meal to a friend who just needed to make it until payday!

I've seen you bend, but NEVER break! I've also felt the love and support you had to offer when I was in my darkest days.

Phil, I know now how much you truly love our daughter, and how much she returns that love. I don't think God could have given her a more special man. THANK YOU!

You make me laugh when you call just to say "I'm Sorry Mommy", and cry when Jacob does something to break your heart.

I pray that the Lord blesses you with many more years together, and that your walk with him becomes stronger and stronger!

Oh....and I pray that one day you won't have to do this any longer....