Tuesday, February 24, 2009


OK, I've been missing in action for the past few days.
I wrote last week about my aching back, and I REALLY did it in over the weekend.
That being said, I've called my chiropractor, and have been flat on my back for the most part lately.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to market in Nashville.
Saturday night was total chaos....I didn't think I'd live until Sunday, let alone go to a market!
BJ and Catherine were moving into a new house about 25 miles from here. Since I had to work, Chuck volunteered to keep Lyric while the kids moved. Keep in mind that it's been 23 years since one of our kids was Lyric's age. How hard could it be to entertain a 3 year old, Chuck thought!
I got a phone call at 4:00. "Honey, can you come home", he said ever so sweetly!
I couldn't get her to lay down...she kept climbing out of the bed...She won't eat......I've played all of the Oobie I can possibly play on the computer for one day! What should I do?
Nana to the rescue!
Luckily, I have the luxury of being able to leave my job a bit early if I need too.

After I'd been here an hour or so, the kids callled and said they would be very late getting back to town. Could we keep Lyric overnight? Normally this is an every weekend event, but I HAD to go to market at 6:00 the next morning.

Not to worry, BJ said. I'll call Kristy.
10 minutes later the phone rings....It's Kristy..."Mom, we're lost somewhere outside of Bowling Green, and will be really late getting home. I told BJ I'd keep Lyric! Can you keep her? Arrrrrgh I HAVE TO GO TO MARKET! Oh, I forgot! I'll get her as soon as I can! Poor Lyric!

BJ calls back....Mom, he says, we have NO HEAT! The water isn't working in the kitchen! We can't stay here until the gas company comes on Monday. We're coming to get Lyric in a few hours, ok?
Where are you going to stay, I asked? Well, we hadn't thought of that yet! Maybe on your sleeper sofa? OK, I told him, but I HAVE TO GO TO MARKET !

I had totally forgotten that all of my office furniture was in the living room blocking the sleeper sofa! So Chuck and I (with Lyrics help) started moving it all back into the office. (pictures of the finished product tomorrow)

Somewher around 7:30 my boss calls....They went to Nashville early to check things out, and there were no vendors there! We're cancelling the trip to market she says! Woot Woot!
So I call BJ back, tell him I'm putting Lyric to bed, and they can come in when ever they're ready. UGH, my head hurt!

Sunday morning, Kristy picked Lyric up for the day, and we helped the kids finish move. Cute house! Bad Karma from the beginning! No heat, no water in the kitchen, and rotten chickens in the freezer! It was COLD ! Good thing, I think the chicken stench would have killed us!
We got all of their things in, the old apartment cleaned out, and now we wait! It seems the water lines AND the gas lines need to be replaced! Meanwhile the kids are sleeping where ever they can,and I'm going to visit the chiropractor!
How was your weekend?

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