Friday, February 27, 2009


I got this email this morning....
So Bizzare! This is a real competition! lol

Exhibit Showcases the Lowly Outhouse as High Art

Chances are you've never used one, but all this
month some of the prettiest outhouses in Texas
are on display in downtown San Antonio .

The " Thunderbox Road " art exhibit is going on
at the Menger Hotel. There are 12 full-sized
"Thunderboxes" or outhouses painted and decorated
in true Texas style.

Sonja Howle with the Thunderbox Road exhibit says
it "was created to pay tribute and showcase the talent
we have in the Hill Country artists."

In February, the exhibit will be at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. After their tour, the outhouses will be auctioned off to benefit medical research and the Western Art Museum in Kerrville .

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Robyn said...

I must say the one with horses is my favorite!