Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm afraid! I'm VERY afraid!

For the next 2 weeks, Chuck is laid off. Crud...I NEVER get time off.
Yesterday morning he asked me if I had anything for him to do while he was home.
Hmmmmm....he ASKED for a HunnyDo list! lol
I don't think he really meant it!

"No Dear", I crooned "just enjoy your time".
TWO(2) freekin weeks off with no obligations!

So yesterday he calls me while I'm at work. I've moved your computer he says. WHAT??
It's now in Lyric's room, along with the entire contents of the home office. While I had the time off, I thought I'd refinish the floors and paint the office!
Yippee Skippy! (I watch too much Noggin).
We've been talking about refinishing the hardwood floors in that room since BJ moved out 6 years ago. Two years ago, I found the perfect paint color for this room! I took home the paint chip and taped it up on the wall right at eye level. It's still there! Maybe I'll finally fill the whole wall with color before the new millinuum!

So last night when I got home,my living room was full of books, papers, and all of that "junk" that was laying around in the office. You can't even walk in Lyric's room (unless it's sideways), and there is stuff everywhere!
Chuck promises that it will all be cleaned up and finished by next week.
I believe him.....he ALWAYS finishes his projects.Just sometimes... it takes a while.

Looking on the bright side....my office will be done next week at this time. I won't have to spring clean that room...and I'm off tomorrow. I won't have to worry about cleaning house until everything is back in the office! Yet another "blessing" !



I love it....your outlook on the redo is great. I have a husband who finishes...just in his own time...so I too get time off from house cleaning sometimes...because there are boxes in the way. Enjoy the new office.


Thanks for the encouragement yesterday. I am finding all kinds of new cancer friends out here in blog world and really loving their stories. I will keep you in my prayers also.