Monday, February 9, 2009

Crafty Weekend

We had Lyric this weekend. It's always so much fun to see what she's learned through the week, and what her new "favorite" things will be.
This week, it was Olivia! I started buying the "Olivia" book series for her when she was a newborn. Her full name is Olivia Lyric. I never dreamed they'd make it into a tv show that she'd love!

Anyway, somehow, I completely tore up my back last week, and am having a hard time walking, let alone chasing a 3 year old! So we had to be creative. I found an Olivia web page on Noggin. They had these really cute cutouts you could print. So we did. Then I came up with the idea of attaching them to Popsicle sticks. We spent hours cutting, pasting, and having Olivia puppet shows! What fun!!

It wasn't even hard getting her ready to go back home yesterday. She wanted to have puppet shows with mommy and daddy, too.

I love being Nana!



How fun the weekend looked. I loved doing this with my kids and grands when they were younger. When she gets a little a modge podge basket....take pieces of colorful napkins....shred them....and modge podge them to the basket....when it looks shallacked...and they are beautiful. Also.....where did you find your awesome header with the pictures? I love those frames.

Jacki said...

Thanks Karen!
I love doing crafts with my grands. This sounds like a blast!
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