Saturday, February 7, 2009


What's the most unique Idiom you've ever heard of?

Wikipedia defines an Idiom as a phrase whose meaning cannot be determined by the literal definition of the phrase itself.
I just think some of them are hilarious!

We've all heard "Cool As A Cucumber" or "Kick The Bucket", but I've heard some really unique ones lately!

June, my co-worker, has some of the cutest ones I've ever heard! Her sayings just crack me up, and make my day! I think her favorite one is about a man named Peter Tumbledown! Every time the store gets in a mess, or someone tracks mud through,June will say "This place looks like Peter Tumbledown's"! The funny part is...I Googled Ole' Peter, and he was a real guy! lol

Another favorite is when someone is trying to accomplish something that you just know can't be done. June will say "He Doesn't Stand A Chinamans Chance" lol
I know these sayings started from somewhere...isn't it funny how they last through the generations!
What's your favorite?


R Max said...

"Bobs Your Uncle" or "Up the Duff" are two that I use frequently because Bob is so useful and I have been up the duff three times so far.

Deb said...

One of mine would be "You can cut a notch in a beam" or other can do the unusual!
Always enjoy your posts!!!

Melissa said...

I love these too! One of ever look a gift horse in the mouth". Apparently that was actually something you didn't do if a horse was gifted to you. It was rude, I suppose :)