Saturday, February 28, 2009


OK, so it's Saturday, another weekend with Lyric! :0)

Here's the problem....Lyric is 3. A bit independent, and VERY strong willed!
Her mom & dad are in the middle of a move, and she's a bit unnerved these days.

I'm just the Nana here, but....she's 3! They have yet to start potty training her. UGH
My kids were both potty trained by 2!
I'm trying to work into the potty thing, but this week we put away her crib. She's had a daybed in her room here for about 3 months. She calls it her "big girl bed" and loves for her babies to sleep in it.However, Lyric wants to stay in her crib!

We took the crib over to her other grandmas house this week. The kids are staying there during the course of their move, and there was no bed for Lyric there.
They have a big girl bed at the new house, but have not spent the night there yet.

I'm trying to put her down for the night, and she keeps getting out of bed!
She seems scared to death of the bed, and wants me to sleep with her.
Suggestions??? She wants the crib back!

I've gotten her settled for a minute with the tv on and a DVD playing.
I know all of this change is getting to her, and I don't want to make it any worse on her. I can't just keep moving the crib from house to house!

How long did it take your kids to transition to a bed from the crib?
What differences were there between Grandma's house and yours?


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Man, none of my kids really had trouble transitioning... with Kassidy it was a month before her 2nd birthday. We were in the process of a move too and Kameron was due in a month so we decided it was a good time. When we got to the new house we just put her into a daybed. She loved it, but she refused to get up on her own. She would sit there and call for me until I came in and then she would get out of bed, it was so funny!

Kameron was also a little younger than 2 and he broke his crib. He would stand in it and grab the bars and shake as hard as he could. One day all the vertical bars just collapsed! It was crazy! Anyway, we went and bought him a toddler bed that was a fire truck and he loved it. We put a baby gate in the doorway so he wouldn't wander the house at night.

Kennedy was just a little younger than 3, we moved her after her first round of chemo. We got her a Backyardigans Toddler Bed. That was her favorite character at the time so she was SO excited about it!

Keeghan is still in a crib but he will be moving soon, probably right around his birthday in May.

Have you thought about getting a toddler bed? Maybe she feels like she's going to fall out in the big bed? The toddler beds are close to the ground and may make her feel more secure. They take a crib sized mattress which may feel more "normal" to her too. You can get them pretty cheap at Walmart or Target. We got Kennedy's online from I think.

Good luck!

R Max said...

There's always ONE who doesn't want to move on. I had alot of trouble with ONE who did not want to EAT... preferred the bottle over everything. It took forever!