Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's time for another Hi/Lo Thursday....and I could write a book.
My "HIGH" for this week was that Chuck decided to re-do my home office! Yippeeeee
Today is also the 10th anniversary for my daughter and her husband. That isn't just a "high"'s a miracle! I'm sooooo thankful for it!

My "LOW" for the week is a biggie.......
Last week, I wrote about some family friends making contact with my neice. We were so thankful! Yesterday,however, my brother was served with civil papers from his daughter! She is accusing him of domestic violence and stalking her! Seriously???
HE has had no contact with any of that family! It's been myself, or my sister or my daughter that initiated the reunion! We actually did not tell my brother about it until AFTER we got a response from his ex-wife! NOT FROM HILLARY!

So Mike has been summoned to Jacksonville, Florida to appear in court! He can't even drive himself to the grocery most days....let alone go to Florida!

Mike contacted the courts in Jacksonville, as well as an attorney here. They tell him NOT to worry (yea, right) It will be taken care of...but he will still be responsible for court costs?????!!!
HE HAS DONE NOTHING! Now we have to take him to appointments with attorneys,he has to file affadavits, and all of this headache for something he did not do!

The kicker to the whole story is that more than half of the things they say in their affadavit is not true! They claim our friends that went to see Hillary at work were my parents! (They died 10 years ago) She also says they introduced themselves with my fathers mother's maiden name?? Seriously? I had to stop and think about what that name was!
They also left Hillary a business card in case she ever changed her mind. They left a contact name and number! Is it just me, or does this sound fishy? Why would you try to lie about who you are, and then leave a business card??

Another irony to this story is that "Someone" from Hillarys family is checking his Carepage! I don't know about any of you...but to me Carepages was and is not a social networking page! You have to be invited, or told that one even exists. It's not just something you stumble on like MySpace. Help me here Rene! How many of you have ever heard of Carepages unless you've had an ill family member or friend!

Anyway, as administrator I can see who his visitors are, their email addys, and how often they check on Mike. I noticed a new visitor last week ago named "Jane Smith". How original! The thing that caught my attention was the email address! It's unique, and also the email addy of Mike's ex-wife! Hmmmmmm Talk about dumb! Why would you register as Jane Smith, then use your real email addy? Can we say DUH!!!

IF they are afraid and fear they are being stalked....why would they check his Carepage? When they do, they will only find out the truth about his illness!



Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
Your family is in my prayers!


Oh and Mike and the rest of your family are so in my prayers. This sounds like the perpetual nightmare. How horrible. Care pages are supposed to be by invitation only and for people who are healing...not to set them up! Keep your chin up and the faith and know that you are being prayed for....specifically!

Jacki said...

You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers!! Especially now how I know court proceedings go. My sister has been in a 10-month court battle with her baby-daddy over her son. He wanted full custody (they never lived together or were ever married, and they broke up before the baby was born), and after he lost his case for full custody, he is now trying to get out of paying child support. It's a mess.