Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Day "Off" ??

Yesterday I had a "day off" from my regular job. You know, a day off!
That meant instead of dealing with the public, mailing statements, bank deposits, day sheets, etc. I got to stay at home and work!

Usually my day off consists of bathing 4 pugs, changing bed linens, mopping, dusting, catching up on bills, and if I'm lucky....working on a Pogo badge(my secret folly).When I'm caught up on all of that....I cook. One day a week!
I'm blessed that Chuck (my hubby) gets home 3 hours before me every day, and he cooks supper!
Quite well, I should add. He does laundry and dishes too!

Well, yesterday got a swift kick in the pants! Chuck told me that he had taken a vacation day. We could spend the day together! Woot Woot!
Now don't get me wrong, I love spending time with him. We have alot of fun together, and after 28 years....that's quite a feat in my book!

I've been sort of in the market for a new computer. I really need one, the processor is going out on mine. I'm not one to run right out and buy anything "just because". Things will be fine until a major catastrophe happens. When I try to boot my computer and get a red screen.....well, I'll grumble and be mad at myself for not taking soon of it sooner...THEN I'll go buy another one.
Chuck, on the other hand, is a gadget guy. If there's something new and improved out there he's going to find a reason to buy it. (Hence the vacation day). His mission yesterday was to hold me captive at every electronics store he could find until I bought a new computer. But Chuck, I argued, I'll have to change to Vista .I'll have to move all of my files...what if I loose my pictures? You just can't replace pictures!
It didn't work!
Chuck does not do maintenance on our computers. He checks mail,pays bills, and downloads music...the end. It was like arguing with a brick wall!So after hours of looking and reading....I found a computer I'd settle for at Best Buy.
"Settle", he said? Get what you need to blog, edit pictures, and hold my music!

So we load everything up, and head to the checkout.....and Best Buy declines my check!
What?? Seriously?? You must be kidding! No reason, the silly checkout just said "Decline" ! I knew the money was there. I'd just written a check over the weekend for a laptop for my brother!(this ended up being the problem, the 1st check had not yet cleared) "Go to your bank", they said. We'll hold the stuff for you. Usually not a problem, but my bank is in Hopkinsville...20 minutes away!
A light bulb comes on in my head...the mall is right beside Best Buy and we have a sister store in the mall! So off I go, fuming, to the mall! I borrow their Internet and log on to my bank. No problems I call the bank. They can't explain. It must be Best Buys fault.
I gave up vacuuming for this abuse! I could have waited for a computer...but Chuck took a vacation day! Grrrrr

I refused to argue with anyone else, or to shop anymore. "Take me home", I say.
Chuck concedes. "Is it ok if we stop at Walmart on the way", he says. I need to look at something, and I'll buy you a salad at Zaxbys on the way. Ohhhhhh, no fair! He KNOWS I love Zaxbys salads.
After a mini break, and a full belly I agreed to Walmart.

We walked into Wally World,and there is the exact computer I'd tried to buy at Best Buy for $100.00 less (and it was KY tax too)! I stood there hugging the box (there were only 2)with my mouth hanging wide open until the clerk came to unlocked the little security thingy.I'm never that lucky! We grabbed the box and headed to the checkout....daring anyone to break line or reject my check again! I still had an hour until American Idol came on!
Hurry Chuck! Hurry!!

I got home and was greated by 4 hungry, unhappy, unbathed pugs, and a pile of dirty laundry! My floors are not mopped,the bed is not made, and supper is the last thing from my mind!
But I have a new computer!
My pictures are safe, my blogging is done, and I no longer have to wait 10 minutes for pages to connect!
Life is good!


croftongirl03 said...

I love you mommy!!!

croftongirl03 said...

Way to go Mr.Chuck.. For takeing Mrs.Jackie to Wally World..A Great Computer for a Great Woman..Mindy

Jacki said...

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